Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Do You Work With PTSD Vets?

Hello, I'm John Hearn, Jessica's co-author on Shade It Black. Yesterday, at a family gathering, I talked to a young woman, an LPN at an upstate New York hospital. She is halfway through reading the book. She talked to me about the effect that reading is having on her perceptions of some of the vets she works with at the hospital. "I have a better sense of why many do not want to talk about what they've been through," she said. "And a better sense of why others sometimes just sit and cry." Have you read the book? And do you work with PTSD vets? If so, will you consider sharing your thoughts about how the book may be affecting your perceptions and behaviors at work? Or perhaps you'd prefer to comment on how your work influenced your reading of the book. Any contribution will be appreciated. Thanks.

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