Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Note of Thanks From Afghanistan

I want to thank Jessica for writing all her experiences down. As a member of a parachute infantry unit in Canada I have often had negative views of the fact that we allow females in our combat arms. After reading the book ( I am in Afghanistan as I write this and couldnt put it down once I started, so it took about 10 hours) I have a completely new outlook on the female side of things, and how tough it must be to be singled out.

Jess, as someone who has been in combat situations, and seen friends blown into pieces, I dont know how you were able to find the strength to do the job you did, and to come back and be able to dig yourself out of that hole and start a positive change. The memories we have from Iraq, and Afghanistan will stay with us forever, but the writing of people like you make it easier for people to find others to relate to. Thank you.

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